May 11: The Role of Cloud Providers and Semiconductors in Open RAN

Advancements in 5G have led to faster and more intelligent networks, offering mobile network operators the ability to reach and serve more customers while expanding the mobile ecosystem into nearly every industry worldwide.

As part of the 5G transformation, there has been a huge uptick in solutions allowing for the integration of open and interoperable interfaces into the radio access network (RAN), lowering the barrier to entry for new innovators including cloud providers and semiconductor vendors.  

Please register to join us on May 11 for a discussion about the role of these innovators in the mobile ecosystem, featuring keynote remarks from Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of XCOM-Labs, followed by a panel discussion including:

  • Cheryl Davis, Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives, Oracle
  • Gilles Garcia, Senior Director Marketing Business Lead, Data Center & Communications Group, AMD
  • Nick Karter, Strategic Marketing Director, Wireless Communications, Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Howard Wu, Vice President, Global Head of Networks and GM USA, QCT
  • Prakash Sangam, Founder and Principal, Tantra Analyst LLC (Moderator)

Speakers will address questions including:

  • What are the different use cases for cloud-native virtual RAN (vRAN) implementations, and how does this fit into the shift to open architectures?
  • How can cloud services and virtualizing the RAN increase flexibility in hardware, software and systems integration?
  • What role do industry-standard 5G chips play in allowing network operators to mix and match equipment and software more easily?
  • How can Open RAN-enabled chips promote network agility, including secure and efficient data movement?

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