Open RAN Policy Coalition Congratulates Jessica Rosenworcel on her Nomination to Chairwoman of the FCC, and Gigi Sohn on her Nomination as Commissioner

Below is a statement from Open RAN Policy Coalition Executive Director Diane Rinaldo:

“The Open RAN Policy Coalition congratulates Jessica Rosenworcel on her nomination as Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission. Chairwoman Rosenworcel has long recognized the importance of Open RAN for 5G deployment, innovation and supply chain resiliency, and has shown tremendous leadership at the FCC in starting a significant policymaking process in support of Open RAN.

We also offer our congratulations to Gigi Sohn on her nomination to the Federal Communications Commission, and our coalition looks forward to continuing to work together in support of policies that will promote innovation and competition, and creating a diverse and secure supply chain for 5G and beyond.”