ORPC Joins Coalition of Coalitions to Collaborate on Global Open RAN Objectives

The Open RAN Policy Coalition announced today that it joined a coalition of coalitions to collaborate on global Open RAN issues. As nations begin to deploy next generation networks, the goal of the new coalition is to ensure that a healthy, robust ecosystem exists to ensure competition and consumer quality.

“The Open RAN Policy Coalition welcomes the opportunity to work with other coalition members to spur the adoption of Open RAN technology,” said Executive Director Diane Rinaldo. “We believe Open RAN has the potential to create innovation, encourage competition, and expand the wireless technology supply chain. By leveraging our collective expertise, our organizations can promote responsible policy in support of open and interoperable network solutions.”

Our organizations are united by the need for responsible policy action in support of Open RAN, and we look forward to working together on this important objective. Other participating coalitions include the following organizations:

  • BSA | The Software Alliance 
  • CableLabs
  • GSMA
  • Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

The press release announcing the new coalition is available for download in our Newsroom: https://www.openranpolicy.org/coalition-of-coalitions-to-collaborate-on-global-open-ran-objectives/