Statement on National Security Leaders’ Letter to Congress in Support of Bipartisan Competitiveness Legislation

More than a dozen former senior U.S. national security officials released a letter encouraging Congress to quickly pass legislation funding critical technology efforts. Below is a statement from Open RAN Policy Coalition Executive Director Diane Rinaldo:

“We are pleased to see that a letter signed by top national security leaders in support of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (USICA) acknowledged the USA Telecommunications Act and Open RAN as strategic portions of the supply chain. Government support for the transition to open and interoperable networks is critical for establishing supply chain resiliency and supporting continued innovation; as these leaders recognize, 5G supply chain security has implications not only for telecom policy, but also for economic policy and economic security. The Open RAN Policy Coalition supports the passage of legislation that funds the goals set forth in the previously authorized bipartisan USA Telecommunications Act as soon as possible.”