White House National Security Council’s 6G Principles

On April 21, the White House National Security Council released a document, “Principles for 6G: OPEN & RESILIENT BY DESIGN,” highlighting the potential for 6G to bridge the digital divide, expand internet access domestically and internationally, and drive applications in areas such as health, energy, transportation and agriculture.

The White House notes that the United States, along with its allies and partners, must take a proactive role in shaping the development of 6G to advance economic and national security interests. This includes ensuring that the 6G environment is technology-neutral and globally competitive, with diverse and resilient supply chains.

The principles included in the document were identified during a full-day workshop, and emphasize the need for a globally competitive, secure, and inclusive 6G ecosystem that prioritizes affordability, accessibility, sustainability and privacy. The principles also underscore the importance of collaboration between government and stakeholders from academia, industry, and civil society to achieve these goals.

The National Security Council’s Principles for 6G: OPEN & RESILIENT BY DESIGN can be downloaded here.