Open RAN Policy Coalition Releases Papers on Security and Standards

Today, the Open RAN Policy Coalition released two new papers on secure open interfaces and open RAN specifications and deployments.

The first paper, “5G and Open RAN Security: Next Generation Trust,” addresses one of the common misconceptions about an open RAN: that open interfaces introduce security risk. In fact, these same open interfaces, defined in technical specifications, provide a foundation and architecture for improving security.  Although operators procure and integrate open RAN network functions in new ways, operators bring the same expertise, diligence and requirements for security and resilience to these environments.

The second, “Open RAN Specifications and Deployment Status,” details how open RAN specifications allow innovative companies to develop products, software solutions and reference designs in a diverse and competitive global market.  While global standards are important to create opportunities for interoperability of scalable solutions, open interface specifications further maximize the potential to innovate and compete in virtualized infrastructure.  Deployment of open network equipment needs to proceed to further evolve the specifications based on operational feedback to determine how solution can properly scale.

Both documents are available for download on our Resources page.